What can I say? A shot in the arm will help.

Once the drug is strong, it will return to the original rhythm.

Still continue to move when there is news, jump on the street when there is no news, and the rhythm of direct diving is negative.

The Shanghai stock index is still so stable, and it is always unable to maintain 3000 points. However, it’s a long story to create a finger. An announcement from Yaoming directly caused the whole medical and medical industry to plummet.

Games, artificial intelligence, precious metals and pork can still rise against the trend. But taking medicine and drinking these, there is nothing to see. An injection will take effect immediately, and after that, nothing will happen in the same rhythm.

Every time the mysterious funds are shot, it is such a rhythm, which really makes people disappointed with A shares. The best way is not to expect, because the more you expect, the more disappointed you are.

There is no way to talk about this market now. If you fall, there is a hand to hold you up. It is really not easy to rise. The main force is still grinding here, or washing here. What you can do is really limited. The main force is still only the left side, and you can only continue to endure.

Plate view+personal strategy

Brokerage:$ South CSI refers to the ETF connection C$ of securities companies.

Continue to fluctuate, once rushed up and fell back, or walked in the same place, my choice is to continue.

Real estate:China Merchants Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Real Estate Equal Weight C$

A small amount of innovation is low, but there is no room for it, so I just continue to look at it.

Computing power: $ Rongtong CSI Cloud Computing and Big Data Theme Index (LOF)C$

The rush has fallen back, and now the soil is still not good. Continue to hold positions and watch the play.

CPO: YEATION mixed C$, the leader of $ NUMBER National Rong Rong Sheng.

It’s the same thing. The problem of soil continues, so I have to lie down and watch the play.

Game:China CSI animation game ETF is connected with C$

On Friday, it rose sharply, and today, it rose sharply and fell back. It was near the pressure position, and the situation of soil was still waiting honestly.

New energy vehicles:$ TERM Tianhong CSI New Energy Automobile Index C$

The rhythm of yin falling, the rhythm of boiling people will continue.

Photovoltaic: $ TERM Tianhong CSI Photovoltaic Industry Index C$

Just like a new energy vehicle, it’s enough to grind.

Chip semiconductor: $ TERM Debon Semiconductor Industry Mixed C$

Keep shaking and watch the play.

Medical treatment: $ China-Europe Medical and Health Mixed C$

Yaoming collapsed directly, but I’m afraid there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m going to move today.

Liquor:China Merchants CSI Liquor Index C$

The gap has been completely filled, so I’ll continue to suck with a small hand.

war industry$ TERM Penghua CSI Aerospace Military Industry Index (LOF)C$

Going up against the trend is already very strong, and then it depends on the overall market.

Operation today

It’s a long story to see, and I can’t help but feel sad. Continue to be a brokerage firm, and there is nothing entangled in this. Make a fixed investment in medicine and medical care, and make a change of position by the way. Pick up a little white wine, and the rest is to keep a fixed investment. That’s all I can do now. I can only continue to endure it.

$ Jiashi CSI refers to the index of securities companies C$Continue to buy 2000, for six days in a row. Anyway, the more I fall, the more I work, and I’m done. The position of brokerage firm is highly secure. What I’m doing now is a pulse-like market, which is safe and safe, so I won’t be entangled anymore, and I’ll be done.

$ TERM Tianhong Guozheng Biomedical ETF Link C$Today, because the drug has dropped a little more sharply, I won’t hesitate to pick up something. It is indeed suppressed in the short term, but in the medium term, it is always a matter of grinding the bottom. You grind yours and I buy mine.

$ TERM Huatai Bairui South Dongying Hang Seng Technology Index ETF Link (QDII)C$It has been falling for several days, and it is a continuous thing to keep the fixed investment. Originally, I changed my life for another time, but today I feel just right. You go ahead and I’ll do my own rhythm.

Ping An CSI Medicine and Medical Device Innovation Index C$Yao Ming suddenly came here, but there was nothing he could do, but the impact of medical equipment was slightly less. Originally, the rhythm of my pick-up was quite good, and the station came to a bigger adjustment, so I will continue to pick up things. At this pace, I don’t feel afraid of anything. Anyway, I have exhausted the bad news and there is nothing to worry about in the future.

E Fund Blue Chip Select Mixed $Test the water and add a warehouse once. At present, the consumer has come to this position. In terms of the position on the left, it is actually not too far away. Then enter the market and make a bottom warehouse at a time. Get through this stage and grind the bottom again, and it will be almost the same.

Flexible configuration of mixed C$ with $ Greenberg elementI continued to shoot today, and the gap has been completely filled. Anyway, liquor is mainly interval. If it continues to be ground here, then I will vote for it for 10 days. In this position, I am not afraid of it falling down.

$ TERM Yongying Medicine Innovation Intelligent Selection Mixed C$Today, it fell a little hard. I made a position change internally, and the explosive win was stronger than that of Morgan Stanley. But because I can’t adjust it directly, I’ll sell it there and buy it here.

People’s Insurance Company of China Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index $It’s still less than 3500, and it’s still grinding. What’s the matter with it? There are still things that need to be entangled in the fixed investment. The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 in this position is already low enough. Although there may be more, what is entangled in the fixed investment?

The key point is that everyone has different styles, different choices, different positions and different needs, and the corresponding operations are different. Don’t blindly follow! ! !

Personal opinion and personal operation are for reference only! For more details, please pay attention to the live broadcast!