On the evening of May 1st, CCTV hosts Kang Hui, Sa Beining, Zhu Guangquan and Nigmat, who were praised as "CCTV boys" by netizens, got together for the first time. Instead of hosting large-scale activities, they brought goods live. In addition to the broadcast channels of CCTV news, Gome, the brand of this event, featured the live broadcast of the "Beauty Store" applet, which was watched through pre-broadcast reservations, community operations, and friends circle advertisements.

  During the live broadcast, the "Meidian" applet mainly promoted 38 kinds of first-line home appliances and consumer electronic products at home and abroad, as well as small household appliances in online celebrity and other hot-selling products, and stimulated users to buy them with ultra-low price concessions throughout the network. Under the interesting guidance of "CCTV boys", the sales on the live TV screen rose rapidly, and finally the total sales of the whole platform reached 528.6 million yuan.

  Prior to this, in order to support Hubei’s economy, CCTV News had organized two live broadcast activities "Ordering for Hubei", in which the combination of "Xiao Zhu Pei Qi" (Zhu Guangquan and Li Jiaqi) brought 40 million goods, which could not stop the combination of ordering (Ouyang Xiadan and Wong Cho Lam) from bringing 61 million goods. CCTV hosts demonstrated their strong ability to bring goods with their national credibility and personal charm.

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the rise of "home economy" has further promoted new online consumption such as live broadcast and community marketing. According to the big data monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce, there were more than 4 million live broadcasts of e-commerce in the first quarter, and household items, kitchen utensils and fitness equipment were favored by consumers, with sales increasing by more than 40% year-on-year. Gome, as a benchmark enterprise in the domestic household appliance retail chain industry, also actively adjusts its business ideas through small program live broadcast to better serve users. Wang Junzhou, president of Gome Retail, said that the 160,000 communities and 50 million private domain users in Gome contributed to such a large flow of live broadcast.

  Live applet is the official business tool provided by WeChat. Merchants can realize the closed loop of user interaction and commodity sales through live applet, and seamlessly connect with community operations in WeChat ecosystem to form stable private domain traffic. Tens of thousands of merchants have opened live applet during the epidemic.