Recently, the costume drama The Longest Day In Chang’an Fire, in which Wang Yixiu was played by Ai Ru, an actor from Sichuan.

  And the "Chang ‘an’s first daughter" in this drama series has attracted attention in the sports circle before:At the beginning of 2014, she became the chairman and general manager of Sichuan Lidashi Football Club.

  However, the end result of that experience in sports circle was not good — — In the first year of its establishment, the club owed wages, and finally it was hastily dissolved after playing for one season.

  Used to be the "beauty chairman" of the football team.

  In performing arts, Ai Ru’s career has gone smoothly. Before she appeared in the popular drama The Longest Day In Chang’an, she had received attention for her role in naked wedding and other dramas.

  In 2014, she suddenly became the chairman and general manager of a professional football club, and personally explained what "style is not separated".

  The reason why he became the owner of the football team is mainly due to his family reasons — — At the beginning of 2014, his father Ai Yakang, who was in charge of petrochemical enterprises, invested in the establishment of Sichuan Lidashi Football Club, and then his daughter Ai Ru became the person in charge of the team.

  A little well-known actress is in charge of the professional team, and this collocation quickly attracted a lot of media attention.

  For example, at the press conference of the club’s establishment, Ai Ru became the focus surrounded by the media. At the beginning of the team’s establishment, Ai Ru admitted that she didn’t know much about football. Before the season, the team’s warm-up match was the first time she watched the Sichuan team’s game on the spot. For the specific affairs of the team, she could only let the "special management team be responsible".

  While becoming a team boss, she didn’t interrupt her acting work, so the position of football team boss is more like Ai Ru’s "part-time job".

  "Can only say to coordinate. When I have no job, I will definitely come to watch the game. I can only say what I can, because I can’t completely control my time."

  At the beginning of his tenure, Ai Ru once said frankly,"I regard football as a public welfare undertaking. Football is not bad for making money, but it can’t make money. We want to do everything we can, not brag, just shoulder some responsibilities. "

  But what many people outside didn’t expect was that this "public welfare undertaking" didn’t last long and ended hastily.

  Sichuan Lidashi, a team that was established in March 2014 and began to participate in China B, soon suffered a losing streak on the field, and some players began to report that the club had unpaid wages.

  Then, in the middle of the league, some players refused to train because of their dissatisfaction with the salary. In the first season of its establishment, the team came to a state of collapse.

  In the last round of the league this season, a Weibo account named "Sichuan Lidashi Club" broke the news that the team would be dissolved after playing this game. However, Ai Ru came forward to refute the rumor, saying that this Weibo is not the official Weibo of his own team, and the news is not credible — — However, Ai Ru himself had interacted with this Weibo before.

  In the end, it turned out that the news was true. The following year, Lidas disappeared without signing up for the league.

  At the beginning of its establishment, Lidashi also shouted the amazing slogan of "one year in the first place, two years in the second place, and three years in the AFC Champions League", and once revealed that the club planned to go public overseas.

  But the final result was a farce, which attracted the dissatisfaction of many Sichuan fans. Until the end of 2016, fans left a message in Weibo, Ai Ru, "How is the team? Is it listed in the UK? "

  The beauty boss is just a gimmick, and it needs sincerity to play football.

  In fact, there are many "beauty bosses" in China football circle. Perhaps the most famous one is Xiaoting Wen, the owner of Guizhou Hengfeng Club.

  Like Ai Ru, after her father Hengfeng Real Estate Group founded Wenwei to buy Guizhou Zhicheng Club, she also became the chairman of the club under the "appointment" of her father. Before that, she didn’t know much about football.

  However, after taking office, Xiaoting Wen really spent a lot of energy on the signing of the club, the coaching team and internal management, and the relatively reliable investment of the investors behind it, and the team made brilliant achievements.

  In the 2016 season, in the first year as the chairman of the club, Xiaoting Wen led the team to overtake successfully, and then in the 2017 season, Guizhou became the dark horse of the Super League, and finally ranked eighth.

  In the 2018 season, Guizhou Super League was relegated to the bottom, but in this season, the team ranked third after 16 rounds and still maintained the hope of overtaking.

  It is not difficult to see that the "beauty boss" is often just a gimmick of outside speculation. Whether it can finally produce a performance that satisfies the fans depends on whether there is real investment in the team and whether it has made sufficient efforts for the operation of the team..

  Like Ai Ru, another "counterexample" is Wang Junqi, the "beauty boss" of Dalian Gigabit.

  In October 2017, Dalian Gigabit Group officially entered the football circle, and Wang Junqi, the new team owner with a good face, helped the club attract a lot of attention.

  Before the 2019 B season, Wang Junqi vowed on social media that he would rush to the armor."The name of Gigabit in the 2020 season must be on the Chinese stage. What I say must have results. What I can do is to increase my investment. " Soon, however, these rhetoric also became a bubble.

  In June this year, some players of the team broke the news on the Internet that the team had not paid wages for half a year and the boss had lost contact."It’s too much. We have worked hard for half a year, and we have no salary. The boss has lost contact. I am injured now and I have to pay for it at my own expense. There are still children at home waiting for money to study. "

  Subsequently, the main players in the unpaid team canceled their contracts and left the team, and this team also fell to the edge of dissolution … …

  The Paper reporter Pu Yilei