Source: [People’s Network]

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, December 14 (Reporter Wang Lianxiang) Today, the State Council Press Office held a press conference on accelerating the construction of a cultural power and promoting the high-quality development of culture and tourism. Du Jiang, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism, said that this year’s tourism market can be described as hot. In the first three quarters of this year, according to statistics, the number of domestic tourists reached 3.67 billion, and the tourism revenue reached 3.7 trillion yuan, up 75% and 114% respectively. Residents’ tourism demand has been released in a centralized way, and residents’ travel has increased substantially. While driving the expansion of related consumption, it also promoted economic recovery.

Du Jiang introduced that in the next step, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will focus on three aspects: promoting cultural and tourism consumption, improving people’s quality of life and better meeting people’s needs:

The first is to optimize the policy environment and solve the difficulties of blocking points. According to the new situation of tourism development, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will implement the "Several Measures on Releasing the Potential of Tourism Consumption and Promoting the High-quality Development of Tourism" issued by the State Council, and exert efforts from both the supply and demand sides to boost tourism investment confidence and consumer confidence. Promote the implementation of the "Domestic Tourism Promotion Plan", which is a three-year action plan. Enrich the supply of high-quality tourism products, improve tourism services, standardize the order of the tourism market, strengthen tourism security, and create a tourist destination with quality and temperature. At the same time, the "inbound tourism promotion plan" is being actively introduced, which is also a three-year plan to provide more high-quality tourism products and more convenient services for inbound tourists.

The second is to promote industrial integration and innovate product supply. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will further promote the deep integration of cultural tourism, enhance cultural taste, enrich spiritual connotation, foster new consumption formats and new modes, promote the construction of a "small but beautiful" performing arts space, and innovate and upgrade music festivals, concerts and other products. Promote the healthy development of new formats such as script entertainment and tourism performing arts, and promote the integration of food, performance, sports, health care, Chinese medicine and other fields with tourism, so that people can feel culture, cultivate sentiment, experience life and enjoy health during their travels.

The third is to build a platform carrier and increase the intensity of benefiting the people. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will promote the brand building of a new batch of national cultural and tourism consumption demonstration cities, national tourist resorts, 5A-level scenic spots, and national night cultural and tourism consumption gathering areas. Guide local innovative consumption scenarios, cultivate new formats and consumption patterns, enrich measures to benefit the people, and implement the "100 cities and 100 districts" financial support culture and tourism consumption action plan. We will continue to run national cultural and tourism consumption promotion activities, strengthen publicity and marketing, stimulate residents’ cultural and tourism consumption will, and help market players to resume development.

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