BEIJING, April 26 (Xinhua) On the afternoon of April 25, the "China Star" Finals jointly created by Zanthoxylum bungeanum and China Star Group was grandly opened. Twenty anchors from Zanthoxylum bungeanum competed in three rounds, and finally the top seven were born. Xiang Huaqiang and his wife, Johnnie To, Chen Luyu, Wei Jiahui and others in the entertainment circle attended and acted as judges.

  Xiang Tai and Johnnie To visited the scene to cast the anchor’s wonderful performance and were admitted to the school.

  On the day of the final, there were three rounds of progressive elimination, namely "anchor catwalk", "talent show" and "impromptu performance". The anchor needed to fully display his acting talent to win the favor of judges such as Johnnie To, Xiang Tai and Xiang Huaqiang. In the first two rounds of competitions, some powerful anchors have shown their talents. Among them, the detail that Zhang Ying, the No.20 anchor, deliberately went barefoot when singing women’s flowers was keenly captured by director Wei Jiahui, who interpreted it as "very thoughtful", and this view was strongly supported by Johnnie To and Xiang Huaqiang. When asked if there was a favorite anchor, Xiang Huaqiang replied: "A few of them are quite good, with their own ideas and dedication."

  In the "impromptu performance" session, in order to show their attention, directors Wei Jiahui and Johnnie To presented two difficult questions about special "sexual orientation" on the spot. Faced with such a tricky topic, the anchors changed to "old drivers" every second, and their wonderful performances were amazing.

  When the results of the competition were announced, Chen Luyu also sold a secret, saying that there was good news and bad news. The bad news is that several anchors can’t make it to the end, and the good news is that the judges decided to take an extra anchor. To this, Xiang Tai explained: "We would rather choose one by mistake than miss one!" In the end, the anchors Lin Yongju, Meade, Yang Jianbang, Yu Juanyi, Ma Xiaohui, Weier Yan and Zhang Ying successfully signed a contract with China Star Group, becoming the artists promoted by China Star Group, which ended the three-week "China Star" event with more than 20,000 participants.

  Zanthoxylum bungeanum live broadcast to create a green live broadcast platform "star" and "star-making" and then make efforts

  Zanthoxylum bungeanum live broadcast is committed to building a green live broadcast platform, which has been fully developed from multiple dimensions such as "making stars", "stars", "public welfare", "diversification" and "live broadcast+".Since its launch, it has achieved remarkable results and won wide acclaim both inside and outside the industry, and the image of the green live broadcast platform of Zanthoxylum bungeanum has also been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. The "China Star" event invited five big-name stars from Johnnie To, Xiangtai, Xiang Huaqiang, Chen Luyu and Wei Jiahui as judges, which ensured the authority and professionalism of the competition. Seven pepper anchors with outstanding acting skills successfully signed a contract with China Star Group, which took a solid step for the anchor to "go to the star" and was one of the best examples of "Star-making Plan" and "Star Strategy".

  The "star strategy" of pepper live broadcast has become one of its characteristics. Last September, 30 stars, including Fan Bingbing and ZhangJike, and more than 300 pepper anchors appeared in the "Pepper Night" together, creating a record for more than 6 million viewers to watch online; Not long ago, WU GANG, Hou Yong, Huang Junpeng and other masters of "People’s Name" visited Zanthoxylum bungeanum live one after another and talked with the audience about the inside and outside of the play.

  The star big coffees settled in pepper, and their grounded side let the audience know through live broadcast, and at the same time bring green and fresh content to the audience; The audience interacted closely with the stars, which made the platform sticky and further stimulated the vitality of pepper live broadcast.

  The original intention of the "Star-making Plan" of Zanthoxylum bungeanum live broadcast is to build a personal IP and provide opportunities for talented and capable young people who dare to express themselves. Pepper live broadcast and "Win the World" crew jointly auditioned actors, and five pepper anchors, including "Kiss" and "Ma Yanlin", won the TV series shooting; In-depth cooperation with Shenzhen Satellite TV’s "Singer Comes" column has become the only cooperative live broadcast platform and voting channel for "Singer Comes".

  By providing a large number of upward output channels, Zanthoxylum bungeanum live broadcast enables talented anchors to have the opportunity to enter a higher platform, better guide anchors to practice the style of green and healthy live broadcast, and provide a good driving force for the green and sustainable development of the whole platform, becoming a "dream factory" in the live broadcast industry.