With the "PPT", Lei Jun "entered the game by himself", which stirred up the market price of new energy vehicles in 2024. This is the "high praise" of netizens for Xiaomi’s car. Although there is no lack of ridicule, it can be seen that Xiaomi SU7 is indeed very popular and hot.

The release date of Xiaomi SU7 has finally got new news!

Today, a screenshot of the group news of the prospective owner of Xiaomi SU7 circulated on the Internet. On March 12th, Xiaomi will disclose the specific date of the new car launch conference of Xiaomi SU7, and it can be decided directly on the night of the launch conference. After paying the deposit, the order can be locked immediately, and the production schedule is based on the time of locking the order.

Previously, the Internet exploded in Xiaomi Automobile Factory and rows of Xiaomi SU7. It was also reported that Xiaomi SU7 will be put on sale on March 28th, and in order to deliver the car as soon as possible, it is reasonable to prepare the goods in advance. Otherwise, the delivery time will be too slow, and it will be spit out by everyone.

In addition, according to the rhythm of the automobile market in previous years, automobile manufacturers will also release new cars before the Beijing Auto Show, which will be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show, while the 2024 beijing international automotive exhibition will be held on April 25th, and Labor Day is a good time for domestic travel. Before that, everyone will be more willing to buy new cars. If Xiaomi SU7 wants to grab this wave of market peak, it will be a suitable time to go public at the end of March.

However, what is embarrassing is that after the Spring Festival this year, the prices of new energy vehicles in China have been lowered a lot, and there are not a few pure electric cars that conflict with the positioning of Xiaomi SU7, which also makes how to price Xiaomi SU7 a big problem for Lei Jun.