Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, July 1st (Reporter Liang Zi Guo Fangda) The summer vacation is approaching, and the peak passenger flow of entertainment activities such as "script killing" and "escape from the secret room" is coming soon. However, some "script killing" scripts contain "yellow violence and blood", and some "dark chasing electric shock" behaviors in the escape scenes of secret rooms also raise concerns about whether it will have adverse effects on minors. A few days ago, five departments, including the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, jointly issued a notice, for the first time, bringing new forms of entertainment business places that have developed rapidly in recent years, such as "script killing" and "escape from the secret room", into management.

  Chaos breeding industry is controversial

  "Script killing" is a new form of entertainment. Players play the role in the script in their hands, guided by the host, and find out the real murderer in the case through plot reasoning and evidence search. The number of participants varies from 4 to 8, and the time of a single game is usually more than 4 hours.

  Lv Ze, a fan of "script killing", told reporters that "the consumption of more than 100 yuan per capita can not only experience the stimulation of reasoning and solving crimes and the life of script characters, but also meet social needs after games."

  The attribute of "entertainment+socialization" makes "script killing" a new favorite of young people’s entertainment in just a few years. According to the data of the "2021 Insight Report on Entity Script Killing Consumption" released based on the relevant data of the online platform, over 70% of consumers are young people under the age of 30, among which students account for the highest proportion, reaching 28%.

  However, at the same time, the rapid development of the industry has also led to a variety of chaos: some scripts are absurd and horrible, the content involves yellow violence, the industry threshold is low, and piracy, which makes the whole industry controversial.

  During a game, the reporter once saw that the scene was dark, the dark red lights were flashing, and the strange music was played in a loop. Under the guidance of the host, several female players made scary cries from time to time. Similar scenes are not uncommon in the process of playing, and bloody horror has even become the marketing selling point of some scripts.

  The new regulations strengthen the protection of minors

  A few days ago, five departments, including the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, jointly issued a notice to bring new forms of scripted entertainment business places, which have developed rapidly in recent years, such as "screenplay killing" and "escape from the secret room", into management.

  The notice clarified the script, name, author, introduction, age range and other information used in the business premises for informational filing. It also specifically proposes to strengthen the protection of minors: requiring script entertainment business premises to use script to set age-appropriate tips and indicate the age-appropriate range; If the setting scene is not suitable for minors, it shall be prompted in a prominent position; Except for national statutory holidays, rest days and winter and summer vacations, the script entertainment business premises shall not provide entertainment services to minors.

  "Supervision can also change the industry ‘ Bad money drives out good money ’ The problem. " Wang Zhengkai, founder of Dalian Xuanyuan Space Secret Room Escape, told the reporter, "This industry can’t live without the content of the ball. Many secret room scripts contain the idea of family and friendship, and parents take their children to play together."

  "Empire", the founder of Happy Reasoning Hall, told reporters that as early as 2020, tens of thousands of shops in the industry had formed an alliance to resist vulgar scripts involving yellow, violent and bloody content.

  "The industry has become the Red Sea, and it is not enough to rely on the script to drain. Shops must have characteristics to retain players. " A "script-killing" shopkeeper in Xi ‘an told reporters that the store is currently upgrading the sound and photoelectric equipment to create a better immersive space experience for players.

  Responsible for "Second Life" in the script.

  In fact, as early as the first quarter of this year, Shanghai, Liaoning and other places have begun to carry out self-examination of scripts of "secret room" and "script killing", stipulating the situations that should not appear in scripts and storylines and the behaviors that employees and cast members cannot implement, and filing the scripts with the cultural tourism department.

  The industry believes that the "script killing" industry chain includes three parts: script writers, stores and consumers. The supervision of "problem scripts" should not only be reflected in the behavior of merchants, but also in the creation of scripts.

  It is understood that the notice issued by the five departments has set a one-year policy transition period. A number of "script killing" shopkeepers said frankly that they expect to introduce standardized and referable script self-examination norms in this year. Qin Zi, the owner of Tianjin "Script Killing", said: "What a merchant can do is not to provide real-life evidence with terrorist elements, or to subjectively judge which books are suitable for minors to play. It is necessary to further standardize the implementation situation and whether it can really protect minors. "

  In the view of the senior script producer "Snowman", the script creation is somewhat like the early barbaric growth of online literature. "Many stores are actually creating and distributing scripts while opening stores. Different from mature script writing companies, some individual authors or some non-corporate small studios do not have a professional producer role. When the works are finished and they feel that there is no problem, they will sell them. No one is responsible for content compliance, and its quality and specification are difficult to guarantee. "

  "It is suggested to formulate normative measures for the upstream script creation in the industry, such as implementing the grading system for minors, or raising the entry threshold for script distribution and solving it from the source ‘ Problem script ’ The emergence of. " "Snowman" said.