Special feature of 1905 film network Up to now, seven blockbuster films have been scheduled for the Spring Festival in 2023. Among them, New Year’s greetings, official announcement lineup, the first preview of the film, Xiong Dahe Xiong Er found his mother, the film was scheduled for the first day of the New Year, and the first-class entries of the new film official announcement and official announcement were listed on the hot search in Weibo, which triggered extensive discussions among the audience. So how will the hot search "add fire" when the new film of the Spring Festival is ready to go?

This year’s Spring Festival has attracted much attention. Once the information about the film’s booking was released, it triggered a wide discussion among the audience. Movie-related terms were searched in hot search, and amateurs watched the excitement while experts watched the doorways. Film critic Zhang Yan was very happy to see this phenomenon: "The lively atmosphere is back. In the past two years, movies have basically been in a state of extreme publicity, and even many of them are in the mode of reflecting instead of publicizing. This time, we can see from the hot search of the Spring Festival file that the information of the fixed file is very advanced, leaving at least two weeks for each film to do the pre-screening marketing action. At the same time, it also released a signal that the film side is very confident in the quality of the film and dares to release materials and tell everyone about the film’s filing information in a long period of time. "

There are various types of new films in this year’s Spring Festival, and the hot search words on the whole platform are also blooming, attracting the attention of countless audiences. The preview of "Nobody" is very hot, and the film director has his own unique temperament. "Nobody" didn’t release so much information in the filming process, and there were such actors loved by young users in the cast list, so after the release of the first trailer, it could arouse the audience’s curiosity about the film. Zhang Yan mentioned: "When the film is marketing before screening, it is necessary to give the information of the film directly to the audience and target users. What kind of information does it give directly? When will the pre-sale be held? What kind of film is it? These need to be told to the audience before the screening. "

From this point of view, it is a very effective hot search to give the key points of a time and event such as the first day of the movie "Deep Sea". Because "Deep Sea" can be said to be relatively unknown during the filming period, it is not a film that has attracted attention all the way. It needs a very strong hot search that clearly points to the information point to give the audience information and let the target group know when they can buy tickets to go to the cinema.

The timing of hot search is also divided into different stages. Now there is still a period of time before the official release of the Spring Festival file, which is announced before the screening. The type and operation of hot search are very important, and the appropriate hot search can better help the film. However, before the screening, it is not recommended that too much word-of-mouth should be searched. Now the audience has strong independent thinking ability and has their own judgment on the quality of the film. If too much word-of-mouth exposure is made before the screening, it may cause the audience’s rebellious mentality; Secondly, the premature release of word of mouth will raise the audience’s expectations for the film. If there is a gap when watching, it will be infinitely magnified.

The successful case in this respect is that, as a "dark horse" in last year’s Spring Festival, the film has an impressive hot search word: "It is said to be my greatest threat in the future", which is very wonderful. First, with the help of Shen Teng, Shen Teng’s comedy temperament is very prominent. This word releases a signal that Wei Xiang can act in comedy, and his film may be a very funny film; The second is to endorse Shen Teng’s professionalism, and to arouse everyone’s curiosity about Wei Xiang with the heat of Shen Teng. It can be said that this hot search word is very important, helping everyone understand and be interested in movies, which is very positive.

After the announcement of the hot search before screening, when the film is officially released, it needs the hot search operation in the later period to maintain the film’s popularity. The two most important things after the release of the film are to expand the circle and word of mouth, and to radiate the film to a wider range of people. This is the marketing that the team needs to do after the screening, such as the linkage of social issues and emotional linkage, which makes the film break the circle to a great extent and let more people know the information of the film. Word-of-mouth means that the team must tell everyone very clearly at this time node what the real feeling of the film is, so that everyone can know more. The film has a hot search about "diplomats’ real feelings about watching this film", and movie audiences will find that some professionals have endorsed it, indicating that when the film has a positive affirmation, it will boost their confidence in wanting to see it.

Hot search represents a kind of strength. The films in this year’s Spring Festival archives are very powerful and competitive. Zhang Yan made several hot searches for the films in the Spring Festival archives: "This year’s Spring Festival archives, I don’t think every film will fall off the chain. I judge that there may be some keywords that will be discussed by everyone."

The special effects of Wandering Earth 2 include the teacher’s performance and Andy Lau’s related plot. What kind of character is he?

"Man Jiang Hong" is a suspense story, and it is closely linked, and the audience may discuss this kind of content after the screening.

Discussion on the acting direction of Nobody, YiBo’s performance is worth discussing, and the interpretation of the director’s film temperament.

"China Ping-Pong Fight Back" should focus on emotional values, such as being too hot, because sports themes often arouse people’s emotions in this way, and the audience may have a particularly high mood.

The content that every frame of Deep Sea is beautiful, including its unique film aesthetics, may be discussed by everyone.

There are some funny clips, and some stalks may be out of the circle.

This year is the tenth year of "Bears Come and Go with Me", and it may be a topic for the film to commemorate the tenth anniversary.

With a full screen of hot search terms and lively pre-screening publicity, the Spring Festival movies can be described as "fire before screening", which has aroused the appetite of the audience. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I hope that the audience can have a lively and happy time in the cinema to watch their favorite movies and spend the New Year in front of the big screen!