The 665th issue of Huangpu Daily arrived as scheduled! Follow the perspective of Xiaobian and take you back to the highlights of this week-

There is still one week before the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon. This newspaper has specially set up a column entitled "Love for Living and Warm Heart for Spring", which covers four sections: economy, culture, community and video, leading readers to feel the festive atmosphere and strong taste of the Spring Festival in Huangpu in an all-round way!

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The integration of medical care and prevention is the basic way to establish a high-quality and efficient health service system, and it is also an important measure to continuously promote the implementation of the Healthy China strategy. Huangpu actively improves the ability of community health care services, adding "cloud clinics" to allow residents to solve intractable diseases at their doorstep;

At present, digital technology is becoming the leading force to promote educational reform. With digital intelligence technology as the core, Luwan No.1 Central Primary School in Huangpu District has gradually opened up a new prospect of digital education, which has contributed to a better and balanced development of education in Shanghai.


As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon is approaching, the major shopping malls in Huangpu have entered the "Spring Festival Time" first, which not only brings rich traditional activities, but also implies that various elements of the Year of the Dragon of the Zodiac have also appeared one after another, creating a one-stop shopping experience of eating, drinking and having fun, so that citizens can feel the festive and peaceful holiday atmosphere in advance;

As night falls, the projection show of Guanglu Building, which stands by the Suzhou River, "makes its debut". As the lens progresses, the fiery Spring Festival couplets, fireworks and moire are in harmony with the golden characters of "Spring", "Fu" and lanterns, lighting up the new atmosphere of the New Year.

As the Spring Festival approaches, the streets and alleys are full of festive atmosphere before the festival. The major food stores and time-honored brands on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street are booming, and the "mid-year lunch" is also full. For the old brands such as Dexing Pavilion and Lao Banzhai, they will not close this year’s Spring Festival, which meets the needs of citizens to eat customary tastes at any time during the Spring Festival;


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its premiere, the French musical Don Juan, as the finale of the performance season at the end of 2023 in Cultural Square, came to China for the first time to spend the New Year with the audience, and ignited the most popular show in Shanghai. A large number of melodic golden songs and dreamy Flamenco dances in the play have created an audio-visual feast;

As the Year of the Dragon is approaching, the Shanghai Museum, together with the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and the Xi ‘an Museum, held the "Spring Festival Dragon-Shanghai Museum Year of the Dragon Spring Exhibition". Eight dragon cultural relics with different images in different periods reflect the level of craftsmanship and interest in each period;


On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Bansongyuan Road Street organized volunteers to carry out home visits and caring actions, sent new year condolences and new year wishes to the elderly, and sent the warm feelings in the community to the hearts of the elderly;

Near the Spring Festival, Huangpu District Nursing Home for the Aged is beaming. The hospital specially took a photo for the old people, as the tradition of welcoming the spring every year continued. For the elderly who live alone, despite suffering from cerebral infarction and vague memory, taking another photo with their wife is something they have been thinking about since they were hospitalized;

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If you eat western food, you will go to the "Red House Western Restaurant", which is a classic in the eyes of old Shanghainese. A fried pork chop and a bowl of Luo Songtang seem to be the classic representatives of that year. Even if the hotel’s heat dissipates one day, its position in everyone’s mind will not change;

The new pastel daffodil pots with square flower patterns and the dim sum gift box in the old room are two old objects that seem to have little to do with the taste of the year, but they are full of the fragrance of the respondents who are fascinated by traditional cultural activities when they were young. In the recent big world, we can feel the Shanghai style of the Shanghai New Year in advance;


The Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon is approaching, and the atmosphere of the Spring Festival in various commercial districts and streets in Huangpu is "full". National flag, lanterns, Spring Festival couplets, dragons … In the Bund, sinan mansions, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and other areas, every detail is full of the traditional charm of China, filled with simple flavor of the year.

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