2021 is about to pass. During this year, with the accelerated rise of local brands and the deep integration of online and offline consumption, the domestic beauty market has maintained an overall growth trend. Recently, Vipshop will launch the 2021 Beauty List, and simultaneously release the top ten keywords of beauty consumption in the whole year based on multi-dimensional data such as beauty sales data in the station, platform search data, professional buyers’ recommendation, and users’ real evaluation, so as to provide consumers with a summary of beauty in 2021 and a trend forecast in 2022.

The person in charge of Vipshop Beauty said that in the past year, with the changes in consumer demand and the emergence of new brands, the competition in the beauty market has become increasingly fierce, and it has also promoted all-round innovation of categories and single products. The "Top Ten Keywords of Beauty in 2021" released this time is based on the market observation of the past year, summarizing users’ preferences, choosing and making market prospects. In the future, Vipshop will continue to pay attention to industry trends and consumption trends and provide users with high-quality products and services.

2021 can be described as the year of domestic products. Judging from the data of Vipshop’s beauty products, domestic beauty products have entered a full-scale outbreak stage, and six of the top ten beauty brands sold in the whole year are occupied by domestic brands. Perfect Diary and Winona are even the best in the list, while Kazilan, Yumifang, Banmu Huatian and Marumi are also quite eye-catching.

Among them, the sales volume of the perfect diary twelve-color eye shadow "Red Fox Plate" in 2021 increased by 357% compared with last year; Winona Firming Muscle Dense Moisturizing Repair Cleansing Water Emulsion Set increased by 190% year-on-year; Half an acre of Sakura body lotion in Huatian increased by 180% year-on-year.

The iResearch report predicts that the local beauty market in China will reach about 252.7 billion yuan in 2023, and the compound growth rate is expected to reach 16.6% in 2021-2023.

In the second half of 2021, the skin care concept of "early C and late A" became popular on social networks.

After the trend broke out, brands such as Polaiya, Xiuzheng and Meikang Daidai quickly launched the "Early C Late A" suit on the Vipshop platform. Vipshop found that the search volume of "early C and late A" in the station increased by 5016.3% year-on-year, driving the sales of related products to increase by 4451.5%.

In an interview with the media, the sales director of Polaiya Cosmetics Daily Chemical Channel once said, "China consumers like early adopters, and it is increasingly difficult to impress them with homogeneous skin care products, which requires that the products not only have practical effects, but also need to have social attributes, which can make the skin care process enjoyable."

The buzzword "raising children is not to prevent aging, but sun protection is to prevent aging" has won the hearts of the people on the Internet. Consumers’ demand for sun protection products is no longer limited to summer, but has become a kind of "just need".

Vipshop’s beauty data shows that the sales volume of the ace sunscreen product "Anjesha Xiaojin Bottle" increased by 167% in 2021; The sales volume of L ‘Oré al multiple sunscreen lotion increased by 1028% year-on-year; The sunscreen product "Moisturizing Lightweight Sunscreen Spray", a niche skin care brand, has ushered in a hot season in autumn and winter, with sales increasing by 176% compared with last year.

In addition to the extensive use of facial sunscreen, the demand for sunscreen in other parts of the body is also constantly derived, and products such as scalp sunscreen, lip sunscreen and eye sunscreen are gradually loved by consumers.

According to the data released by the National Health and Health Commission, more than 250 million people in China are suffering from hair loss, and this number is still growing. Nowadays, with the pressure of social life, hair loss is not exclusive to the elderly, and more and more young people are joining the army of hair loss.

According to the annual search data of Vipshop, the search volume of keywords such as "anti-shedding", "hair growth" and "hair care" increased by 35.4% year-on-year, driving the sales of related products to increase by 21.8%. Among them, the sales volume of Adolphe ginger hair shampoo set increased by 1111% compared with last year; Heilu anti-hair loss shampoo increased by 343% year-on-year; Rejoice moisturizing dandruff shampoo increased by 259% year on year.

In terms of geographical distribution, young people in first-tier cities may be more vulnerable to hair loss due to the pressure of work and life. Users in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai bought nearly 12% of the anti-hair loss products of Vipshop in October this year.

Studies have found that excessive cleaning can damage the skin barrier, and harmful substances can penetrate into the skin more quickly through the "injured" stratum corneum, increasing inflammatory factors and free radicals, which will cause the expansion of capillaries and eventually form red blood.

Under a variety of marketing recommendations, excessive skin care and excessive cleaning have led to damage to the skin barrier of many beauty lovers. In order to give the overburdened skin a holiday, extremely mild skin care products have also become the hearts of some consumers this year.

In the search words of Vipshop’s annual skin care package, "moisturizing repair", "soothing and nourishing" and "sensitive muscle repair" have become key words. The sales volume of Polaiya Firming and Moisturizing Repair Kit increased by 190% compared with last year. The sales volume of Oushiman Pearl Moisturizing Suit increased by 58% year-on-year.

Under the increasingly refined demand of users, liquid foundation also has the distinction of "spring and summer" and "autumn and winter" functions. In summer, users with mixed oil skin become mixed dry skin in autumn and winter, and the makeup and oil control liquid foundation in summer is no longer applicable. Choosing liquid foundation according to season, skin type and functionality is the key to make-up without powder sticking.

Therefore, the liquid foundation with different functions in Vipshop Station has its own hot season. In summer, "Estee Lauder DW Makeup Liquid Foundation" and "Ai Jing San Salad Air Cushion Foundation Cream", which focus on oil control, are the most popular. In winter, "Estee Lauder Qinshui Liquid Foundation" with powerful hydrating and moisturizing functions has become consumers’ favorite.

In addition to liquid foundation, makeup setting is also the key to a clean foundation. Yuefeng Shiyin Innisfree’s "Mint Loose Powder Waterproof and Lightweight Foggy Face Fixing Powder" and Nature Hall’s new product "Ice Muscle Blasting Powder Fixing Powder" are very popular this summer, both of which are in the top ten of Vipshop’s loose powder sales.

In the past, men’s hair conditioners and facial cleansers were praised as "exquisite", but now the frequency of male groups buying masks, sunscreens, day creams and perfumes is gradually increasing, and more male consumers have joined the "beauty-loving army".

According to the annual beauty data of Vipshop, among the beauty products purchased by male users, the fastest growing categories are perfume, day cream, facial essence and toner, which increased by 46.8%, 35.9%, 31.1% and 28.5% respectively. Mask has become a regular skin care product in many men’s homes. In addition, men also began to explore the field of make-up, lipstick, liquid foundation and eyebrow pencil are all items they love to buy.

Dry skin people have a new "savior". In autumn and winter, for users with dry skin, the conventional water emulsion can no longer meet the water-locking needs of dry climate. The skin care method of "water first and oil later" provides an extra layer of barrier protection for people with dry skin, and at the same time, it catches fire with products such as jojoba oil and shea butter.

Take "Lin Qingxuan" brand as an example. Its brand explosion "Camellia Moisturizing Oil" focuses on nourishing skin and repairing barriers with oil, which makes skin dry, dark and wrinkle-free, and has become the favorite of countless lovers of "nourishing skin with oil", ranking first in the sales ranking of Vipshop skin care oil. PMPM, a new domestic brand focusing on "natural ingredients", was born in early 2020. Its main products include rose essential oil and white truffle essence, and the brand completed four rounds of financing within one year.

Sodium hyaluronate, nicotinamide, tocopherol (vitamin E), etc. have become the most popular ingredients of Vipshop beauty consumers in 2021. The knowledge of the above-mentioned professional components has been popularized, and the promotion role of the "component party" cannot be underestimated.

Compared with beauty brands endorsed by celebrities, fans of "ingredients" skin care products are more willing to accept endorsements from hospitals and doctors. It can be said that in the brand’s marketing strategy, it sells not only cosmetics, but also skin health management solutions.

According to the data of Vipshop, the sales volume of Winona Sensitive Muscle Repair Kit increased by 111% in 2021 compared with last year; Polaiya moisturizing repair set increased by 190% year-on-year. In these rational and harsh shopping carts of "component party", domestic products represented by Polaiya and Winona are becoming new favorites.

Collagen nourishing hand cream, crystal-frozen body cream, long-lasting fragrance bath cream, exfoliating scrub, hyaluronic acid shampoo …

With the promotion of the concept of skin care, consumers’ skin care needs are no longer limited to the face, but gradually extend to the fields of body care and head care. According to the sales data of Vipshop, from body lotion, bath oil and scrub to neck cream and hand and foot cream, the sales data of these products continue to grow. It seems that the concept of "exquisite care for the whole body" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.