Film has become a hot film in recent years.

Special feature of 1905 film network Seven days before the release, Bad Genius kept about 20% of the screenings every day. Today, the box office has accumulated 170 million. However, this achievement only cost $500,000 (about 3.3 million RMB) to approve films (also known as "buy-out films"), which means that domestic filmmakers buy out the screening rights of films from foreign filmmakers at a fixed price, while foreign filmmakers do not participate in the films divided into China box office. ), it is already a big profit. At the same time,The film broke the box office record of Thai films released in China.(The last pure Thai film released was in 2014, with a cumulative box office of 11.393 million).


* Bad GeniusscreensevenGod, still keep it.20%The above arrangement


Five months ago, Bad Genius was released in Thailand, and it took 100 million baht (about 21.39 million RMB) at the box office in just two weeks, making it the highest-grossing local film in Thailand since 2017. Later, it was screened in other countries in Southeast Asia, and all of them achieved good box office results. Later, it landed in the summer stalls in Hongkong and Taiwan Province, and the box office results were still excellent. In Hong Kong, even the daily box office crushed and waited for Hollywood blockbusters.


Bad Genius was confirmed to be introduced into China at the end of September, which was regarded by many people in the industry as the second one. For many cinema managers, the schedule of October 13th can also help the film market after the National Day.

*It was released for three days and the box office was broken.oneBillion, creating the highest box office record of Taiying in China.


Judging from the current box office, it is difficult for Bad Genius to copy Wrestling! Dad’s achievement, but for the film side Hengye Film, it has earned a lot of money. Moreover, for the film market, another non-English film has attracted attention.It can be seen that China audiences are giving more and more respect and support to diversified cultures.


In the past year, high-quality non-Hollywood films have become synonymous with the current box office dark horse. Especially in Wrestle! After Dad, both the industry and the audience are eager for a second film like this.

*Indian film "Wrestle! Dad "is finally close.13Billion box office, becoming the biggest dark horse this year.


For the film side, the budget of this kind of buyout film is far less than that of other blockbusters, so these films are mostly publicized by overseas word of mouth.


Bad Genius, in particular, didn’t get a screening permit until the end of September, and it was urgently scheduled for October 13th. The publicity period is not even a month, which almost means a "dead end" for conventional films. However, the film side stepped up the publicity of overseas box office achievements, and took the word-of-mouth fermented in Hongkong, Taiwan Province and other Chinese-speaking areas as an important publicity point, and boldly found film critics, cinema managers, media and other people in the industry to watch the film in advance, so that word-of-mouth could be well localized and fermented.

*Before the film was released, it was recommended by many film critics.


On the first day of release, Bad Genius got 26.2% of the screenings, which is a rare preferential treatment for non-English films. The reporter interviewed people from two cinemas. A cinema manager in a second-tier city said that she had watched the film a week before its release and was very appreciative of its quality. The film arranging manager of another cinema said,After the eleventh, exceptThere is also a good market reaction. Other films are not as good as expected as a whole, and there is no blockbuster in the conventional sense in the new film. This film has such a good reputation in the early stage that many film critics are recommending it, expecting it (Bad Genius) to become an explosion.


However, in terms of Bad Genius’s box office performance, these people may be "disappointed". However, on the whole, it has broken the box office record of Taiying in China and has become a "hot spot" in the near future.


Coincidentally, in addition to Bad Genius becoming the focus of the market, in fact, in the past 12 months, there has been an Indian sports movie "Wrestle! Dad, Spanish suspense movies and Japanese animated movies are constantly making history.


"Your name. Created a box office of 576 million, refreshing the box office record of Japanese movies (including live-action movies);

"Wrestle! Dad, with nearly 1.3 billion box office, set a new box office record in India, temporarily ranking seventh in the mainland box office this year;

"Invisible Guest" has accumulated 170 million box office so far, setting a new box office record for Spanish movies.

*Three non-English imported films that created box office miracles


If one of the reasons for Bad Genius’s success is to choose a good schedule, then the schedules of other films are not so "advantageous".


On the day of the release of Invisible Guests, it was the release day of Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3, and at the same time, Yu Wei was still there. However, on the fifth day, the daily box office surpassed Spider-Man: The Return of Heroes, and the attendance rate far exceeded that of Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3.


"Wrestle! On the day of its release, Dad also met the Marvel Comics Department, but the attendance rate was always higher than it. On the sixth day of its release, the daily box office directly surpassed the past.


It can be seen that China audiences don’t just recognize dead ringer and special effects. Good movies don’t distinguish between plots and genres. These films, which are obviously different from Hollywood culture, give the audience fresh stimulation in terms of narrative techniques, scenes and vision. Qiu Jie, CEO of Lion Mouse Film, once said at the Cannes Film Festival in May this year,"In the future, in the imported film market, what can really be recognized by the audience must be something new that is different from Hollywood blockbusters."

*Two Chinese movies that created box office miracles in summer.


Not only that, the whole movie market this year has proved time and time again that the audience has a vision. One, refreshing the box office of the documentary; One created a market record for literary films … … These possibilities will happen at any time. They are all "small pieces" in everyone’s eyes at first, but excellent film quality and proper publicity and guidance make them shine.


This is an era of "content is king". Nowadays, the audience’s standards for judging films are getting higher and higher. No matter what country or genre, as long as the film quality is excellent, it will not be ignored by the market.