On May 21st, Beijing time, the 37th round of Premier League ended a battle of focus. Arsenal lost 0-1 away to Nottingham Forest, which also made Manchester City win the league championship three games ahead of schedule. Manchester City truly experiences the feeling that "people sit at home and champions come from heaven". This kind of treatment is not only the efforts of Manchester City soldiers, but also the disappointing performance of Arsenal.

Before the start of this season, it was thought that Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City would compete for the Premier League title. What was the result? Arsenal became a big black horse for the championship, stepped on Manchester City in the league, led the league standings for a long time, won the league semi-Cheng Guanjun, and locked in the Christmas championship last December.

Not surprisingly, the champion is Arsenal! However, the accident happened. Referring to Arsenal’s history, the Christmas champion is a curse. They won the semi-Cheng Guanjun six times before and lost the championship five times. This time, they faced Manchester City, which is extremely dominant. Under the record of scoring in the Premier League in a single season, Arsenal collapsed.

After Manchester City drew 1-1 with Nottingham Forest in the 24th round of the League, it was followed by a wave of 11 winning streaks, including 4-1 Liverpool, 2-0 Newcastle and 4-1 Arsenal. In this marathon title race, Manchester City achieved the last 100 meters, and let Arsenal sprint and collapse and brake themselves: 2 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in the last 8 rounds.

Arsenal 0-1 Nottingham Forest, Manchester City won the league title three games ahead of schedule at home, so far, Manchester City has achieved three consecutive Premier League titles. This is the seventh Premier League title and the ninth top league title in Manchester City’s history. In the last six seasons, he won five league titles, and the remaining one was taken away by Liverpool. Guardiola created the Blue Moon Dynasty in the English arena.

This season, Manchester City showed terrible dominance, and still won the league title in the face of the dark horse Arsenal. And this is just the beginning of Manchester City’s sprint for the championship this season. Then they will win the treble in two games, the FA Cup final against Manchester United and the Champions League final against Inter Milan. The glory of the treble is just around the corner.

Back then, Sir Alex Ferguson shouted "Get Liverpool out of their position"! If Manchester City can win the triple crown this time, it will directly put the glory of Manchester United, the city’s sworn enemy, under its feet, and Manchester City will become the world of blue moon. Look at the performance of Manchester United and Manchester City now. It is a heaven and an underground. At this moment, the hearts of Manchester City fans are definitely the happiest.