There is a reason why China can’t play football. Nowadays, children can’t afford to play football.

For a regional youth competition, the fee is 70 minutes for each 70 yuan, which means that parents will pay one yuan for every minute the children play on the court. Take the eight-a-side competition as an example, each team has to pay 70 * 8=560 yuan for each game, and the two teams add up to more than 1,000 yuan. There are seven or eight age groups, with 16-32 teams in each age group. Let’s calculate how much income the organizers will get after a game.

The cost of the organizer is nothing more than the cost of referees and linesmen.

My children used to play football for many years, and it is deeply felt that the cost of playing football is getting higher and higher now. When youth football matches become tools to collect money, football really becomes a sport that only the rich second generation can participate in, then China football is really hopeless.