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Zhiji LS6 is a medium-sized SUV with modern design style. Its front face is magnificent, and the air intake grille has a unique scale shape, showing a strong sense of movement and technology. The body lines are smooth, the overall style is fashionable and dynamic, and the roof lines are inclined downward, which highlights the sense of movement and strength of the body. The side of the car body adopts the design of double waistlines, and the lines are simple and smooth, while the rear part adopts the unique through taillight design, which makes the overall shape fashionable and atmospheric. The exterior design of Zhiji LS6 is full of sense of technology and futurity, which not only shows the unique style of the brand, but also meets the aesthetic needs of modern consumers for automobile exterior design.

Zhiji LS6 is a luxury SUV with a body size of 4904mm long, 1988mm wide, 1669mm high and a wheelbase of 2950mm, which has excellent interior space and comfort. The body lines are smooth, showing a dynamic and steady style. The front tread is 1698mm and the rear tread is 1707mm, which provides a more stable driving experience for drivers. The car is equipped with 235/50 R20 front tires and 255/45 R20 rear tires, which provides excellent handling performance and stability for the vehicle. The wheel design is fashionable, and the color of the car body is more luxurious. Overall, Zhiji LS6 is an SUV with luxury and performance, which will bring you an extraordinary driving experience.

The interior design of Zhiji LS6 pays attention to the combination of luxury and technology, with black as the main color and metal elements dotted in the details, creating a sense of high-class and fashion. The steering wheel is made of leather, which feels comfortable, and the position can be manually adjusted up and down and back and forth, so that the driver can find the most comfortable driving posture. The 26.3-inch central control screen has a huge size and clear display effect, and supports the voice recognition control system of multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning, and is easy to operate. The front row is equipped with two Type-Cs and the rear row is equipped with a USB/Type-C interface, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The front seats also have heating and ventilation functions, and the driver’s seat also has electric seat memory function, which brings more comfortable driving experience to drivers. The seat material is a combination of imitation leather and genuine leather, and the main/co-pilot seat has practical functions such as front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment (4/2 direction), leg rest adjustment and lumbar support (4 direction), and front seat heating and ventilation, so that drivers and passengers can enjoy a more comfortable driving experience. The backrest of the second row of seats can be adjusted, and the rear seats also support proportional reclining, which increases the flexibility of the interior space. Generally speaking, the interior design and configuration of Zhiji LS6 are very rich, which can meet the various needs of drivers and passengers.

Zhiji LS6 is a powerful car, equipped with an engine that can output a maximum power of 231 kW and a maximum torque of 450 N·m, so that drivers can enjoy excellent acceleration performance and driving pleasure. The high performance of this engine will bring a new feeling to your driving experience and make your driving more comfortable and enjoyable.

In Zhiji LS6 car diary, the owner’s evaluation of this model is very pertinent. In addition to the smooth design and rich interior configuration, dynamic performance and intelligent driving performance are also one of the reasons why she chose Zhiji LS6. The suspension system of Zhiji LS6 has reasonable adjustment, solid chassis, stable control and excellent driving feeling. In addition, the whole system comes standard with lidar, although there is only one, but it is very conscientious, and it can support automatic parking, intelligent driving with elevated high speed, and the most important thing is to send it for life. On the whole, Zhiji LS6 is an excellent SUV, which can meet the needs of car owners whether it is daily transportation or long-distance travel.