1905 movie network news On May 29th, the film released the notice of "Discovering Autobots", and Dominic Fishback and other film masters appeared in turn, sharing how to judge whether a car is a Transformers through various "signs" with the help of the prototype of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Phantom and Alcey, which is interesting. Extraordinary stories are deeply rooted in people’s hearts and become classics, and excellent audio-visual unparalleled peaks. On June 9, "Transformers: The Rise of Super Warriors" is just around the corner!

Since the first work came out, the series has been continuously creating an impressive autobot role, and has formed a unique cultural brand by closely combining it with the prototype. From Sam’s accidental affinity with a bumblebee disguised as Comalo in Transformers, to Heng Pao with a sharp knife in his middle foot, and Dino, who is cool and handsome with few malicious words, to the "drifting" with versatile skills and high martial arts skills, as well as the "hot breaking" of mastering time and stopping skills to silently protect Vivian, several autobots guard the wonders of human partners.

This time, Transformers: The Rise of the Super Warrior will once again dream on the screen, and start a legendary story with the encounter between Noah and the Phantom to satisfy the wishes of the audience. Under the pressure of life, Noah, who is at the bottom of his life, meets the Autobot Phantom by chance, and is involved in a grand war about the survival of the earth. Adhering to the belief of defending his homeland, Noah put all his eggs in one basket and chose to embark on a journey with the phantom to seek the possibility of reversing the desperate situation. Following the footsteps of the two, we can not only appreciate the unique personality charm of Phantom, which is different from many autobots, but also witness its amazing and shocking mechanical deformation and extraordinary ability to create the illusion of being apart. We can also experience the true meaning of friendship from sacrificing our own choices to protect each other while exploding the adventure.

At present, the overseas social media reputation of Transformers: The Rise of the Warriors has been lifted. With its fascinating story arrangement, charming characterization, excellent visual effects and distinctive soundtrack, the film has won favorable comments from several professional media. A reporter from the well-known entertainment website ScreenRant said that the film was "full of fun", and the phantom voiced by Pete Davidson was very eye-catching in Anthony Ramos’s interpretation of "Flying Away", and "the ending of the story and the music were surprising". Collider, the editor-in-chief of the authoritative film website, praised it: "I am very happy to say that this is one of the best works in the series. The story is interesting, the visual effects are wonderful, and the action scenes are excellent. The movie I attended also had applause from the audience and laughter from the children."

Transformers: The Rise of the Warriors is directed by Stephen Kapoor, Jr., starring Anthony Ramos and Dominic Fishback, and dubbed by Peter Claver Cullen, Ron Pullman and Peter Dinraki. It has been scheduled for June 9, so stay tuned.