"Outdoor leisure" has been given a brand-new connotation-from outdoor professional sports of a small number of people to new ways of playing that everyone is willing to participate in, "outdoor sports", which once meant a long journey and breaking through the limits, has entered the "national era". This is the insight of the recently released Outdoor Leisure Fashion Report, which was jointly released by the influential one-stop platform for outdoor information, travel and equipment in China’s largest travel and play community, Hiking China, and the professional video bicycle media CLUB100.

Ma Honeycomb data shows that first-tier and new first-tier cities are the birthplaces of many outdoor trend projects, and they lead the outdoor leisure trend with 65%. In recent years, the second-tier and third-and fourth-tier cities have shown obvious growth momentum, accounting for 35% of the total, and this proportion is also showing an increasing trend. After 90s, children began to carry fishing rods to conquer rivers, lakes and seas, and riding only needed a bike-sharing to freely shuttle around the city. From the rise of first-tier and new first-tier cities to the catch-up of second-and third-tier cities, "outdoor leisure" has become a real national activity.

It is reported that the report sorts out and analyzes the big data of travel and play, such as portraits of people who have recently participated in outdoor leisure, morphological changes of outdoor activities, and popular gameplay, and shows the development trend of the "outdoor leisure" market, providing an effective reference for "new gameplay" in the post-epidemic era.

New outdoor play in the new era

The post-90 s and post-95 s young people who love to play lead the outdoor leisure trend with 44%, and the post-80 s, as the main component of the parent-child group, followed closely with 41.6%. Different from traditional outdoor projects such as mountaineering and hiking, which have a slightly higher proportion of men, women account for the majority of new outdoor leisure with an absolute advantage of 66%. They are not only happy to take part in leisure activities such as exquisite camping, paddle yoga and hiking in the country, but also enthusiastic about competitive trend sports such as Frisbee, flag football and baseball.

According to the report, all kinds of sports account for a large proportion in outdoor leisure activities, which determines that classmates or friends with the same interest circle are the first choice for outdoor playmates of 41.1% young people. The emphasis on a healthy lifestyle after the epidemic has also made "outdoor walking" a new fashion for young parents. Statistics show that the content of parent-child outdoor activities in Mahoneycomb Station has increased by 47.8% in the past year compared with the same period of last year. The registration of parent-child outdoor activities in community activities in the same city is hot and it is hard to find a ticket.

Leisure projects such as hiking, cycling and camping "fly into the homes of ordinary people"

There is no doubt that camping has become popular all over the network. The report gives the top 10 most popular campsites on the hornet’s nest platform in 2022, among which Xiaoyudong International Camping Park in Chengdu, Star Le Camping Town in Zhuhai, Dunhuang Desert Camping in Jiuquan, Fengchuling Camping Base in Chongqing and Taihu Bay Camping Valley in Changzhou rank among the top five.

How can hiking and cycling become a new star of outdoor activities after camping this year? Through the insight into users’ preferences, Ma Honeycomb and related professional organizations found that the main reason why they can become a new way of outdoor leisure for all people is that people of different circles can get satisfaction from it. Professional hiking or cycling players hope to challenge themselves by conquering difficult routes such as mountains. For non-professionals, hiking and cycling can also be close to nature, and it is also an easy way to explore urban corners.

According to the data of "Walking in China", by 2020, the proportion of mountain routes will reach 95%. After 2020, the proportion of this part of the line decreased significantly due to the epidemic situation, and urban leisure hiking "suddenly emerged" and became the mainstream choice for people’s outdoor leisure activities. Young people are no longer "ascetic" when they participate in long-distance hiking. Instead, they will choose a relatively comfortable accommodation environment during the trip and are willing to pay for more professional equipment. Ma Honeycomb data also shows that in 2021, the proportion of hikers in the middle and high consumption range of 2000-5000 yuan per capita increased by 60.7% compared with 2020.

According to the report, the top five popular urban hiking routes in 2022 are Jiuxi Yanshu Hiking in Hangzhou, Forest Trail Hiking in Fuzhou, Shancheng Lane Hiking in Chongqing, Jingxi Ancient Road Hiking in Beijing and Hiking along Huangpu River in Shanghai.

Cycling is also an outdoor project popular among young people this year. Zou Cheng, founder of CLUB100, believes that the popularity of cycling, which integrates sports, leisure and cultural experience, is closely related to the level of urban development. At present, Beijing and Shanghai are still important cities for cycling. The perfect urban greenway, cycling parks and rich scenic resources around here provide a good environment for cycling. According to the big data of Horse Cell Travel and Fun, the data on cycling on the platform has increased by 108% since 2020. In addition to the short-distance connection of office workers, more and more young people are willing to choose cycling when they punch in at the museum and have brunch at the online celebrity store on weekends. According to the report, the top five popular cycling routes in 2022 are cycling around Erhai Lake, cycling around Qiandao Lake, cycling in Guilin Shili Gallery, cycling in Xi ‘an Ancient City Wall, cycling in Miaofeng Mountain and climbing in Longjing.

With the rise of niche outdoor projects, young people value their social attributes most.

As the largest travel and play community in China, and also a travel APP used more by young people, Mawei Big Data often reflects the trend of the younger generation. Since 2020, the content related to "fishing" in Mahoneycomb Station has increased year by year, and the post-90s generation accounted for 30.8% of the fishing population in 2021, which has become a "new force" that cannot be ignored in this sport. They used fly fishing and other "aggressive" Luya fishing methods to break the inherent impression of fishing and turned this "static" activity into a tense and intense whole-body exercise.

In addition to fishing, more and more outdoor projects are going to the public, and the activity scenes are also expanding. The paddle board that saw the limelight in early 2021 became one of the outdoor games that were popular in social networks in 2022, and the moat around it could become a "paddling" venue for young people. Surfing no longer means going to the seaside. The "land surfing" originated from skateboarding allows young people to enjoy the pleasure of "flying on the waves" at their doorstep.

It is noteworthy that the interest in socializing surpassed the mainstream factors such as leisure and relaxation, physical fitness, family and parent-child for the first time, and became an important factor affecting young people’s outdoor leisure consumption decisions with a ratio of 58.2%. Ma Honeycomb’s city play IP "Please get on the bus on weekends" is leading young people to run at the forefront of outdoor play through all-inclusive weekend activities such as camping, hole exploration, paddle yoga, frisbee, cycling, Spike ball (mini volleyball), fly fishing, upstream and Lu Chong, and also building a new platform for them to meet their peers and share happiness through outdoor activities.

Proofread Liu Baoqing