Source: Live Hainan

At about 10: 30 pm on the 14th, a 15-year-old boy drowned after swimming in the sea at a public beach near Chengmai Old Town.

On the night of the incident, rescue teams composed of public security, fire fighting, emergency and other departments in the jurisdiction were taking rescue boats and repeatedly patrolling the sea near the incident, looking for the drowning personnel. The staff of Yingbin Emergency Rescue Team in the old town of Chengmai County who participated in the rescue at that time introduced the incident to the reporter.

Wu Duogao, member of Yingbin Emergency Rescue Team in Laocheng Town, Chengmai County:At that time, the task was received at around 11 o’clock (on the evening of the 14th). (It was said that) two people went swimming and one person was missing, so we immediately organized personnel to rush to the scene for search and rescue.

On the day of the interview, the reporter learned from the coastal police station of the old city in the jurisdiction that after nearly 12 hours of all-night search and rescue, the drowning personnel were found around 11 noon on the 15th, and they were unfortunately drowned when they were found. It was confirmed that the drowning person was a 15-year-old male. According to reports, at about 10: 30 pm on the 14th, the drowning man and another 17-year-old companion went to the public beach near the pier to swim in the sea, but then the 17-year-old companion found something unusual.

Wu Duogao, member of Yingbin Emergency Rescue Team in Laocheng Town, Chengmai County:At that time, two people went swimming, and when they saw his partner, they asked him for help. Then the partner went to call someone, and when they came back, they couldn’t find anyone. What they learned from him was that the drowning one couldn’t swim.

The reporter at the incident beach saw that the area is a public beach open to the public free of charge. However, because there is no bathing beach for tourists to swim in the sea around its coastline, there are also many warning signs prohibiting swimming and beware of drowning beside the beach. And this seemingly calm coastal waters, in fact, surging undercurrent, prone to drowning accidents.

Wu Duogao, member of Yingbin Emergency Rescue Team in Laocheng Town, Chengmai County:There is an undercurrent in its coastal waters. When you play in the water, your front foot may reach your ankle, and the water may not pass your people in the next second. No matter whether you can swim or not, if you encounter an undercurrent, you can’t break free.

Multi-department joint inspection reminder

Increase civil air defense and physical defense around the coastline.

According to reports, in order to prevent drowning accidents, at present, public security, fire fighting, streets and emergency teams in the jurisdiction conduct inspections around the coastline in turn every day to remind citizens not to swim in the sea.

Tourist:This water area is very complicated. There is an undercurrent in it. Don’t go into the water. Pay attention to safety.

Tourist:We know that without a beach lifeguard, we should not go swimming by ourselves.

Tourist:Although this area is an open area, this beach, everyone can just walk on the beach, and going into the sea is absolutely forbidden.

The reporter learned from Yongqing Community in the jurisdiction that according to the deployment of flood prevention work in 2023, they will continue to add warning signs, emergency rescue stations and other civil air defense and physical defense facilities around the coastline, and cooperate with various departments to jointly strengthen the supervision and publicity of flood prevention inspections to avoid such incidents from happening again.

Xu Liuqiang, Director of Yongqing Community Residents Committee of Laocheng Town, Chengmai County:For such a long coastline within our jurisdiction, we are also studying with this police station the strength of our next patrol, such as increasing the number of our patrol personnel and then extending the patrol time. We should also make a reasonable deployment of manpower to ensure that we tourists do not go swimming at the seaside.

Reporter: Hu Hao (internship) and Qin Xinbo.