The reporter learned today that the Fu [+] plan and the Shenzhen Festival Avenue Expert Committee seminar were recently held at the Guanshanyue Art Museum in Shenzhen. The event focused on urban aesthetics, the Fu [+] plan and the development of Shenzhen Festival Avenue for in-depth discussions and exchanges.

  Wang Jingsheng, winner of the UNESCO "Confucius Medal", distinguished expert of the National Culture and Art Think Tank, and general advisor of the Shenzhen Reading Month Organizing Committee, ChinaGao Jianping, president of the Academy of Fine Arts and former chairperson of the International Aesthetics Association, Wang Zhong, professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, founding director of the Institute of Urban Design and Innovation, and director of the China Public Art Research Center, started from their respective professional fields to provide insights for the development of the Fu [+] plan, jointly explore the path of high-quality urban development, and jointly understand the urban aesthetic code. The seminar was chaired by Zhang Hairong, member of the Standing Committee of the Futian District Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department of Shenzhen, and the heads of the Propaganda Department of the Futian District Committee, the District Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports Bureau, the District Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, the District Public Culture and Sports Center, the District Construction Engineering Department, and Lianhua Street, Futian Street and other relevant departments participated in the

  Join forces to deeply empower urban axis construction

  Gu Dandan, Director of Futian District Public Culture and Sports Center, reported the results and thinking of the Fu [+] plan. After more than a year of hard work, Futian Central Business District has become one of the five world-class landmark business districts built by the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Festival Avenue has won the title of "Ten Landmarks of Shenzhen’s Annual Night Economy", and the works of the Urban Furniture Art Season have won many international awards. Under the guidance of aesthetics, Futian has created special brands including the Urban Aesthetics Forum, "Yimi Central Axis Public Art Season", and the first International Urban Furniture Art Season. Gu Dandan said that how to form a long-term development mechanism by activating social forces in the future, how to promote the formulation of more forward-looking and operable plans from top to bottom, and how to contribute to the construction of the Hetao Cooperation Zone and the development of Shenzhen and Hong Kong are important thinking directions for Futian to further plan and build the urban axis.

  Gu Dandan, Director of Futian District Public Culture and Sports Center, reports on the achievements and reflections of the Fu [+] plan

  Liu Hongke, a representative of Huayi Design Consulting (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., shared the unique design concept of the urban cultural and artistic landmark of the Central Axis Cloud Gallery. He closely followed the theme of the Central Axis Cloud Gallery and the art series, and put forward the design idea of "Cloud Enjoy Life". From the three aspects of art, fashion and technology, the cultural attributes and technological attributes are standardized, and actively create a cloud gathering space.

  The Urban Aesthetics Forum, as a featured brand of the Fu [+] program, has been successfully held for two sessions. At the meeting, Zhou Zhichen, vice president of Caixin Media and general manager of Caixin Creative, introduced the plan of the Urban Aesthetics Forum in 2024 and shared his vision for the Fu [+] program. He said that the main purpose of the third Urban Aesthetics Forum is to provide new practice samples and solutions for urban aesthetics in Shenzhen and even China. Compared with previous forums, next year’s Urban Aesthetics Forum will have a longer cycle, a larger scale, more diverse content, wider participation and a stronger lineup. Following the "1 + 7" model, the forum will create multiple parallel forums to discuss topics such as sustainable urban development, the use of digital technology and creativity, cloud technology and cultural innovation, public art and community building. At the same time, he also hopes that the Futian Expert Committee will continue to expand, further form an urban think tank, and provide professional advice and wisdom for Futian to build a model city for the World Bay Area.

  expertExplore the direction of urban cultural development

  Wang Jingsheng, winner of the UNESCO "Confucius Medal", a special expert of the National Culture and Art Think Tank, and general advisor of the Shenzhen Reading Month Organizing Committee, proposed in his speech that Futian should polish the new business card of Shenzhen of the Fu [+] plan, shoulder the mission and responsibility of being a central urban area, and have a high degree of urban cultural construction. Be the creative "vanguard" of the whole people. At the same time, it should also face the future, combine with technology, and create a characteristic brand that absolutely has the voice over and is iconic. In addition, he also put forward requirements for the transformation of theoretical achievements of the Fu [+] plan and the aesthetic forum. " The Urban Aesthetics Forum held by Futian is a manifestation of cultural consciousness. "In the future, the forum should not only be more forward-looking in content and theory, but also produce theoretical results that have guiding significance for the actual work of building Futian’s" first good area ".

  In his speech, Gao Jianping, president of the Middle School Association and former chairperson of the International Aesthetics Association, put forward a unique view on the problem of promoting the implementation of urban aesthetics theory. He pointed out that the current aesthetic theory is academic and professional, and hopes that by promoting the smooth implementation of the Fu [+] plan, we can create a model of "urban art axis", play a leading role in demonstration, and guide the construction of beautiful villages, beautiful cities, and beautiful China. In his opinion, urban construction needs to consider the human nature and livability of cities, which requires more support from the government and society. Urban planning and construction should also be designed at different levels, pay attention to details, make aesthetics fit the function of the city, and realize that art empowers the city, so as to explore more meaningful, valuable and enlightening ideas.

  Wang Zhong, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, founding director of the Institute of Urban Design and Innovation, and director of the China Public Art Research Center, believes that urban aesthetics actually acts as a "medicinal primer", and the core purpose is to cultivate the spiritual connotation of citizens. The Fu [+] plan should be based on a higher starting point, in line with international standards, and promote the transformation of public art plans into public art projects. By creating core IP, empower the space value with culture, art, creativity and design, and make "the art of public space" become "the public space of art", so that art reflects the character and temperature of Shenzhen.

  Zhu Rongyuan, deputy general planner of the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, highly affirmed the aesthetic connotation of the Fu [+] plan and pointed out the direction for the development of the Fu [+] plan in the future. He believes that the aesthetics advocated at present are not grand narratives, but should pay attention to subtle people, things and things, and reflect the aesthetic connotation with care and love. The "+" of the Fu [+] plan should be + modernization. The development of the urban aesthetics of the Fu [+] plan should not only deeply plant the Futian gene and Futian spirit, but also actively embrace the future and move towards the road of modernization.Aesthetics and the Fu [+] plan are closely related. Through continuous exploration and time precipitation, the theoretical results will eventually be sublimated to Fukuda’s urban proposition.

  Li Xu, deputy dean of the School of Innovation and Creative Design at Southern University of Science and Technology, took the Shenzhen Central Axis route guide as an example to sort out the past of the central axis in an all-round way and imagine the urban space connecting the South Central Axis in the future. She proposed that the top-level planning of the city should follow the general idea of people-oriented, and protect the city’s fireworks and human touch through "doing nothing". At the legal level, we should pay attention to creative ethics, legislate for creativity, and protectAt the same time, she also hopes to take advantage of Shenzhen’s existing higher educationResources to drive digital transformation.

  Zhuang Meirong, general manager of Link Central City Project Company, believes that the construction of the central axis of Futian City needs to consider the special attributes of CBD, develop the urban night economy, and make overall use of CBD space resources. At the same time, she also hopes that through the government to set up a platform, society and enterprises to build together, to open up the barriers to the construction of public corridors, and join the future CBD central axis plan to achieve the unity of social and enterprise benefits.

  It is reported that the Futian Plan and Festival Avenue Academic Committee include 17 top experts in the fields of art theory research, contemporary design aesthetics, and urban planning, including Wang Jingsheng, Meng Jianmin, and Gao Jianping, aiming to promote the construction of "innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared" urban public space in Futian, and provide a strong "outer brain" for the development of Futian’s urban aesthetics field by building a sustainable management and open co-construction urban aesthetics platform.