For people who have a folding screen mobile phone, it is almost an indisputable fact that the folding screen has no experience. But for those who wantBuy a folding screen mobile phoneFor some people, it is difficult to put out the small flame that is ready to move.

In order to promote, manufacturers only hurt each other in specific parameters, but tacitly praise the folding screen mobile phone. On the other hand, the experience of screen folding and watching videos on a big screen must be mastered.

Once you get started, you will probably feel cheated. The reason is simple, there are too many slots in the folding screen.

After you get the folding screen, you may open and close it frequently, but as soon as the novelty passes, things start to go wrong.

Think about what we are doing when we pick up our mobile phones in our lives, which can be roughly divided into three categories:

What to do: brush friends circle, brush Weibo, brush short videos, read, usually take some time to do something: scan code, pay, process instant messages, and do nothing as soon as possible: subconsciously unlock the phone, open a few apps casually, and then turn off the phone.

For "do something" and "do nothing", it is obvious that you can deal with it through an external screen. The inner screen can also be used, but it is not necessary.

Especially for things like code scanning and payment, it is obviously unnecessary to open the folding screen, unless you want to tell everyone when you are waiting in line to scan the code that you are using a 7000-piece folding screen, and the reaction of people around you is likely to be "excuse me."

If you brush your mobile phone only subconsciously, that is, in the case of "doing nothing", things are even weirder. You don’t know what to do to turn on your mobile phone, so why do you have to unfold the screen again?

Therefore, in your life, a folding screen mobile phone is mainly used as a straight screen mobile phone. Note that this is a "double-layer" direct-screen mobile phone.

Then, in the case of "doing something", folding the big screen can always show its talents.

Think too much!

Screen brushing bilibili and circle of friends are the key points for manufacturers to show off their skills, but how many of them are really used by product managers and engineers in daily life? It is doubtful.

It sounds comfortable to read the comments while reading the content, but as long as you turn off the comments, the content on the other screen will be refreshed again. I spent 10 minutes in Weibo, and I reread the old content before returning to the latest position.

Other apps will never be like this. I don’t know, after all, there are not many apps that are suitable. Office software that people don’t often open should be better adapted.

Of course, if you think I’m being melodramatic, you can try the iPad, and let’s feel the split-screen experience first.

Watching the video screen is big enough, but the big black border is also bigger. Some folding screens are painted with bilibili, and the video frame is almost the same as the outer screen. At first glance, it is all black border.

It’s really cool to brush a short video. The video is really bigger, but you used to be able to switch videos with one hand, and now you have to operate it with two hands. Manufacturers usually talk about hand feeling and grip comfort. At this time, all of them are forgotten, so I’d better switch back to the external screen.

Playing games is even worse, the vision of MOBA games is directly shortened, the multi-finger operation of eating chicken games is basically impossible, and some pictures are stretched, so it is time to play a new game.

By the way, the heat dissipation of folding screen is not as good as that of ordinary mobile phone, and the heat generation of big screen will only be more serious. If you want to quit the game, folding screen is really a good choice.

The birth of folding screen is completely top-down, typically "creating demand and meeting demand".

The ecology of the mobile internet is built around small-screen mobile phones. Now moving them to a large half of the screen is not only as simple as adapting, but may even involve the migration of people’s ways and habits of using mobile phones.

However, this process has already produced results, that is, tablets.

The reason why folding screens are spared no effort to promote is more like the behavior of manufacturers to show their muscles, a big show for investors, channel partners and users.

As ordinary users, let’s just sit on a small bench and watch the performance.