The Argentine boy who wrote poems for Messi six years ago has grown up. Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona and other giants began to pay attention to him early. People always say that he is the most talented midfielder in Argentine football and will surely become the next superstar in Argentina. When Enzo Fernandez received Messi’s pass to seal the victory for Argentina, he was the happiest man in the world at the moment.

The loss of the America’s Cup in 2016 made Messi decide to quit the national team. Enzo, who was in a complicated mood, wrote long poems on social media to express his feelings and hoped to retain Messi. Although this poem was not read by Messi at that time, the news that the king of Argentina returned to the national team made Enzo excited. Inspired by idols, Enzo, who had a good talent, was promoted to the first team of Riverbed in 1918. Although he experienced a loan career, he became the absolute main force in Riverbed with his persistence and hard work. Last summer, he chose Benfica as his first stop in Europe.

As an all-around midfielder, he shows his talent, skillful footwork, steady defense and super attack power here. Whether attacking the core or defending the lower back, he can always accomplish the task brilliantly. No one doubts that he will be the best midfielder in football in the future. His next stop will be Chelsea, the top European club. After the baptism of the World Cup, Enzo became the king of the East and the most expensive transfer in the history of the Premier League.