1905 movie network news "Grasp every minute of your life and go all out to dream in our hearts." Thirty years ago, a song "True Hero" came out, which warmed and inspired generations of people. A few days ago, the movie released the promotion song "True Hero" MV, and Jackie Chan, one of the original singers, performed it again. Together with Guo Qilin, he sang this song again with his original intention. It is not only a true portrayal of Lao Luo, the dragon and tiger martial artist who has worked hard for a lifetime in the movie, but also a look back at Jackie Chan’s 60 years of his debut, and he is moved.

Jackie Chan entered the industry at the age of 8 and has been in the film industry for 60 years. In the MV, in rows of screens printed with Jackie Chan’s classic characters, Jackie Chan takes Guo Qilin to review his journey of light and shadow. There are struggles, injuries and glory, and scenes of real memories are matched with moving melodies, which make people tear. In the movie, Lao Luo adheres to the spirit of "never say no". Outside the movie, Jackie Chan has been fighting on the set for 60 years, inheriting the spirit of action movies and interpreting the belief of "sticking to life for love".

Jackie Chan will sing "True Hero" after 30 years, inspiring

The MV is deeply touching, "desperately persevere" poking tears

"True Hero" is a well-known classic song sung by Jackie Chan’s eldest brother. It has been widely sung over the past 30 years. It not only praises many ordinary heroes who have done their best for love, but also dances many ordinary people who are in the low point, which is very inspiring. It is worth mentioning that "True Hero" also has a high degree of adaptation to the movie "Dragon Horse Spirit". "No one can see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain, and no one can succeed casually." This familiar lyric also brought hope and strength to many dreamers. Just as Lao Luo said in the movie "Dragon Tiger Martial Master, never say no", true heroes live up to their love.

In the MV, the interspersed movie scenes hit the audience’s tears again and again. Jackie Chan plays Lao Luo, an older generation of dragon and tiger martial artists who rely on action to eat, and always seem out of tune with the technology of the new era. His love of "trying to persevere" is only exchanged for a heartbreaking sentence "Your time has passed", and Lao Luo’s lonely expression and tears in his eyes are very distressing. In Lao Luo’s story, there are also many shadows of Jackie Chan’s eldest brother, who persevered with his lifelong love through injuries, which is very touching. And as Jackie Chan often said, "I am an ordinary person, but I dare to do something extraordinary." May every ordinary person can persevere until the rainbow after the storm and become their own true hero.

Jackie Chan and Guo Qilin recall the story of light and shadow, remembering each character

Big brother plays the role of dragon and tiger martial artist, thank you for your hard work back then

The scene arrangement of the MV can be described as ingenious, with many screens emblazoned with the classic characters of Jackie Chan’s eldest brother on the scene. The movie is the art of light and shadow. When the lights are swept, Jackie Chan’s figure who has worked hard on the set for 60 years reappears one by one, not only restoring the original charm of the movie, but also evoking memories of many people. In the MV, the eldest brother and Guo Qilin shuttle through the light and shadow, counting the movies represented by each action on the screen, and telling their own light and shadow stories. Watching the eldest brother laugh and reminisce about the past is emotional and touching. Even if there is countless blood and injuries, talking about the film career you love is still a joy from the heart.

This time, Jackie Chan’s brother starred in the movie "Dragon Horse Spirit". In the movie, he played Lao Luo as a down-and-out dragon and tiger martial artist. In the face of the confusion of his family and the replacement of new technologies, he adhered to the belief of "real throwing and real fighting" and guarded the professionalism in his own way. It seemed clumsy but very sincere. At the shooting scene, Jackie Chan also shared his professional spirit, "If you try your best to shoot every shot, you will not regret it. To achieve today, I want to thank me for my hard work in the past."

The movie "Ryoma Spirit" will be released nationwide on April 7.